From Grilled Cherry Salsa to Tropical Spicy Guacamole

 - Jul 9, 2015
Mexico is famous for its Mexican dips such as salsa and guacamole. However, when the savory dips crossed international boarders each eccentric sauce was given a culinary makeover.

While the original salsa recipe is made of tomatoes, cilantro and other seasoning, strawberry salsa recipes give the spicy sauce a fruity flavor. Grilled cherry salsa also brings a fruity aesthetic to the Mexican sauce whereas healthy cranberry dips offer fruit and various health benefits.

Though guacamole is an avocado-infused dip, such spreads as tropical spicy guacamole combine sweet pineapple and cayenne pepper for a fusion of flavors. Other Mexican dips such as lemon-infused guacamole provide a very tangy citrus flavor juxtaposed with the creamy avocado texture.