The Canary is a Portable Gadget That Allows You To Test Gluten in Foods

 - Sep 17, 2014
References: 6sensorlabs & eater
If you struggle with celiacs disease or your body has a hard time processing gluten then the Canary portable gadget is just what you need to help you keep stir clear of foods that contain copious amounts of gluten. This nifty little gadget is the perfect tool to help you prevent getting sick when you're eating out.

Created by 6SensorLabs the Canary is a pocket-sized device that comes with disposable units that can be placed into dishes to test the gluten levels. The information is relayed to the device and can be tracked using a corresponding smartphone app. This is a great device to have when you're eating out at a restaurant or ordering takeout and you're not sure if they're is gluten in, for example, the dish's sauce.