Zomato Can Help You Find a Restaurant No Matter Your Type

 - Sep 22, 2014
References: facebook & neatorama
Zomato, a website that lets food enthusiasts search for restaurants, has released a series of humorous ads to bring attention to its website and app.

Every one of Zomato's posters play on the age-old saying, "there are two kinds of people in this world." However, rather than being serious, the ads are played largely for laughs. The posters highlight the distinction between people who eat pizza crusts and those who don't and people who worry about price at a restaurant versus people who worry about the food. Even if one doesn't fall in either category, or is a combination of the two, the idea conveyed in the ads is easily understood.

Although the posters are humorous, Zomato makes it clear that it can help you find the perfect place to eat, no matter what kind of person you are.