Wojo Nutrition's Natural Supplements Boost Energy and Focus

 - Dec 11, 2015
References: wojonutrition
Wojo Nutrition's natural supplements are presented in color-coded packs that each represent a different brain function or health benefit. Whether used to calm common anxieties, boost energy or compensate for not enough sun exposure, these supplement packages are each equipped with miniature vials of liquid.

Each serving is meant to last users one week or can be spread out for moments where energy or focus is required. While Wojo Nutrition's calm supplements can be incorporated with one's morning cup of coffee or into a fruit smoothie, its sun supplements boast a healthy dose of essential D3 vitamins that not only enhance one's mood but also aid in boosting the look of one's complexion.

These color-coded supplement packs are simple, contemporary and visually bold, drawing consumers in with a strategic use of bright hues.