This Aerosol Can Looks to Have Been Labeled with the Help of Its Contents

 - May 8, 2015
References: & packageinspiration
The creator of this concept for 'Art Pop' Krylon spray paint cleverly seems to use the product itself to make an eye-catching label. Student designer Alexandra Mojica actually illustrated paint blobs onto each canister, setting colorful backdrops for the text on each pigment variety.

Part of a packaging project, this small product range includes three hues with punchy names that were dreamed up by Alexandra. Violet Burst, Green Rumble and Blue Barrage are marked with differently shaped blotches that resemble the results of single and sustained spritzes of a can, rendering irregular shapes that are surrounded in specks. Clean, white backgrounds offer an ideal blank-slate effect.

While so many spray paint brands have pretty wordy and overworked labels, this paint blob strategy is different. The idea is successful for separating this product from competing ones, but it's also quite consistent with contemporary graphic design tastes. Minimalism and splashes of color are currently global favorites.