Paulina Arzillier Creates Fun Snack Packaging for Kid Consumers

 - Apr 22, 2015
Paulina Arzillier's popcorn packaging features fun imagery and will appeal to kid consumers. The Mexican designer's snack branding is used to identify four authentic flavor varieties that include Chile, Ranch, Pika-Pina and Caramel.

This popcorn packaging concept identifies different snack flavors with distinct colors. Each of Paulina Arzillier's customized boxes also features facial features that are illustrated using cartoon-like graphics.

The designer uses her personified packaging concept to appeal to kid consumers and creates snack containers that are fun and eye-catching. When ready to discard, these dual-purpose containers can double as fun toys and are sustainable thanks to their printed paper material. Inspired by toy packaging, these popcorn containers will make young consumers smile and represent different flavors in a unique way.