Esteve's Topionic Packaging References the Periodic Table of Elements

 - Dec 11, 2015
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While most traditional medicines boast a less than exciting brand identity, the Esteve Topionic uses bright colors and block typography to create a strong visual statement. The medicine manufacturer's new identity was conceived by Barcelona-based creative studio ELISAVA who looked to the periodic table of elements for its inspiration.

Boasting elemental and color-coded details, the Esteve Topionic's packaging is both clinical and visually striking, transforming common medicine bottles into playful containers. Topionic is a povidone-iodine healing solution often used to remedy cuts and abrasions on the skin and is presented here in a convenient spray bottle form.

In addition to ELISAVA's clever spray mechanisms, the studio also uses different colors to categories different Topionic varieties. These varieties pertain to varying ailments and range in potency levels.