Jammy Yummy Packaging is Eaten Away by Delicious Little Holes

 - Oct 8, 2014
References: heystudio.es & lovelypackage
Food can fulfil one part necessity and one part pleasure, and Jammy Yummy packaging certainly celebrates the latter. The 'Hey' graphic design studio of Barcelona has done up this range of delectable vegetable jellies with great youthful enthusiasm in terms of color and crafty concept.

The Miami-based preserves company dressed up the collection of jam jars with brightly hued labels that reflect an intense concentration of some of the ingredients' natural pigments: the pepper flavor is bright red, the jalapeƱo is bold green and the onion flavor is yellow, for instance. Crisp sans serif typefaces clearly label the different varieties, but it's the stickers' textures that really get noticed. Jammy Yummy packaging is perforated with hole punch marks, depicted as confetti in these images, and representative of little nibbles.