These Dietary Supplements Boast Plant and Animal Illustrations

 - Dec 11, 2015
Designers Misia Fidos and Marta Ikanowicz conceived the brand identity for 'Chrzastka,' a manufacturer of dietary supplements that include natural fish oils and ginseng vitamins. In addition to its organic ingredients, the brand recently needed a branding overhaul looked to the natural world for its design inspiration.

Chrzastka's ecology-themed branding consists of charming plant and animal illustrations that are paired with pastel motifs and a block letter font. These dietary supplements marry aesthetics and healthy benefits, a rare occurance when it comes to medical packaging which is mostly function-focused.

These healthy supplements also include vitamin blends made with honey, pollen and shark cartilage. In addition to being healthy for users, these supplements are also artistically branded, appealing to design-conscious consumers more than competing products.