These Yogurt Cups are Adorned with Colorful Dots

 - Nov 25, 2015
Athens-based artist Sofia Karioti recently designed a series of yogurt cups that are adorned with colorful dots. With so many yogurt varieties to choose from, it can be difficult for new brands to stand out on supermarket shelves. The minimalist design on these yogurt cups serves as a stark contrast to more traditional yogurt packaging.

'Mo(ti)ve' is a premium yogurt brand that is largely designed for athletes and consumers with an active lifestyle. To make the yogurt stand out from other brands, Karioti gave each container a unique design. Each of the yogurt cups is covered in a series of colorful dots that allude to the flavor of the yogurt inside. For instance, yellow indicates banana, while red indicates raspberry. Aside from the spotted pattern, the cups are free from any other graphics. The minimalist packaging is deigned to represent the purity of the product and the fact that the yogurts contain no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.