This Spreadable Cheese Packaging Makes the Product Even More Appealing

 - Dec 28, 2015
References: & packageinspiration
First of all, the concept of spreadable cheese is a mouthwatering one; the accessibility of simply scooping dairy deliciousness onto your sandwich with no effortful slicing required just sounds too good to be true. Now, combine this with a solid product name and aesthetically appealing packaging, and you've got a game-changing grocery item.

The containers of Melt Cheese are similar to those for yogurt or pints of ice cream, but they contain cheesy flavor favorites such as onions and garlic, curry and bacon. The consumer can be confident in the quality of such enticing ingredients because the branding design by Arthur William Presser is tidy and contemporary. A solid color circle signifies the variety while a subtle checkered backdrop evokes memories of pleasant picnics.