This Packaging for Tesco Soft Cheese is Nursery Rhyme-Inspired

Designed by creative agency Buddy, this range of Tesco Soft Cheese packaging is playful in its reference to nursery rhymes. Using soft pastel hues and the cartoon image of a cow jumping over the moon, the packaging design succeeds in appealing to both children and adults.

The Tesco Soft Cheese line includes a range of cheese dippers, processed cheese slices, cream cheese spread and more. Since many of the items come in several flavors, the packaging range features each whimsical design in several colors.

By ensuring the Tesco Soft Cheese line appeals to chidlren through its packaging, the supermarket brand is able to position itself as the fuss-free route for children, who are notoriously picky eaters. By aligning the product with comforting images inspired by nursery rhymes, Tesco can appear fresh while also fun.