Sweet Heaven Confectionery Calls on Nostalgia to Sell Their Sweets

Snack manufacturer Sweet Heaven Confectionery has taken a nostalgic approach to branding in an effort to increase sales and blow the competition out of the water. These striped goody bags are meant to remind consumers of traditional candy wrappers, which is pretty clever.

Each of the snack bags produced by Sweet Heaven Confectionery is colored coded, making them easily identifiable. For example, the rhubarb and custard sweets come in a red and white bag, and the blackcurrant licorice comes in a purple and white bag. Even the barcodes on these bags resemble old fashion candy wrappers. Agency 'Asylum' is behind this charming packaging design.

This nostalgic packaging is meant to transport consumers back to a simpler time, when sweets had fewer additives and brands were less flashy. This brand offers candy lovers something familiar and comforting.