This Healthy Foods Packaging Design is Rustic and Down-to-Earth

 - Apr 27, 2015
References: thedieline
Nutberry is a Russian purveyor of snacks that are redefining the standard for attractive healthy foods packaging. The Nutberry brand recently tapped design agency the Freedom Island to create a range of packaging that communicated the brand's nutrition-based values through vibrant, lively designs.

The Nutberry lines includes healthy, delicious snacks such as dried plums, cashews, pistachios and more. This healthy foods packaging design is characterized by its brown paper bag-like package, which is contrasted with vibrant purple text displaying the brand name and a bright circle denoting the particular flavor.

Agency the Freedom Island did a great job of incorporating the vibrant colors of nature into the packaging in order to communicate the freshness of the product and the energizing effect it has on the body.