Nayan Gayary's Sugar Threads Kiosk is Inspired by Sugary Ingredients

 - Dec 11, 2015
Indian designer Nayan Gayary is the creative force behind this Sugar Threads kiosk concept. The dessert cart's overall design is inspired by sweet ingredients and marries fun and functional elements successfully.

Specializing in artisanal cotton candy products, Sugar Threads boasts a pink and blue cart that is accented with signature signage and illustrated graphics. This whimsical kiosk can be adapted as a free-standing unit for outdoor use at food festivals or can be incorporated inside an existing grocery or candy shop.

This whimsical kiosk borrows its visual inspiration from Sugar Threads' sweet ingredients and features enough space for a cotton candy machine, a cash register and display cases that boast pre-packed snack varieties. The kiosk will also draw consumer's in with its vibrant hues and childlike aesthetic qualities.