Hoon Min Jung Gwa's Natural Korean Snack is Made of Sweet Potato

It might not be evident from the simple black and white packaging, but what's inside a pouch from Hoon Min Jung Gwa is Goolmuhgoom Sweet Potato Jelly, a natural snack made from sweet potato.

As a family brand that takes pride in supplying consumers with good, honest and healthy food options, Hoon Min Jung Gwa's snack was cleverly designed and branded by graphic designer Donna Kim to communicate this.

The product name, Goolmuhgoom, is a hybrid of two Korean words, which originally meant "honey" and "fill." When combined, the product name is suggestive of how sweet the yam snack is, as though it were filled with honey. In keeping with this theme, the typography on the Korean snack packaging includes elements that tie back in with the sweetness of honey.