Heidi Ho's Dairy-Free Cheese is Made with a Base of Chia Seeds and Nuts

 - Nov 10, 2015
References: examiner & heidiho
While there are plenty of dairy-free cheese options that are made without animal ingredients and by-products, the ones produced by Heidi Ho are some of the few convincing alternatives that satisfy in terms of taste, texture and versatility.

In place of dairy, the Creamy, Spicy! and Smoky flavors are made with a range of plant-based ingredients like cashews, chia seeds, vegetable puree and mustard seeds. Even before heating, Heidi Ho's "chia cheeze" can be enjoyed whether dipped, poured or spread in snacks and entrees.

While many passionate vegans follow cruelty-free diets out of concerns for animal welfare, simple substitutes like this cheese alternative appeal to health-conscious consumers who are striving to adopt a more well-rounded plant-based diet.