Hatziyiannakis Dragee Pebbles Packaging is Simply Sweet

It usually instills a little more confidence in the consumer to discover transparent product wrappers. An honest branding strategy like that used for Hatziyiannakis Dragee Pebbles packaging demonstrates the manufacturer's pride in its products.

Each 140g pouch of small stone-shaped treats has been coated in an opaque pearly white on just one half while the other has been left as clear plastic. This section provides a virtual window into the sealed bag to show off the gorgeous organic forms of the confectionery, its delectable colors and delicate patterns.

The printed part of Mousegraphics' subtle sachet incorporates a soft grey font with minimal text. The execution of Hatziyiannakis Dragee Pebbles packaging is clean and sophisticated with the scrumptious inclusion of sliced sweets to serve up more delicious insight into the high quality of the desserts.