Mate Tea Packaging Loses its Pudge as its Contents are Consumed

 - Nov 8, 2011
References: packagingoftheworld
The theory behind fat flushing foods, drinks and pills is not to everybody's taste, but one can independently appreciate the ingenuity of Mate Tea packaging. The plastic and foil juice box that contains a potable weight loss formula has been designed in such a way that visually demonstrates the effect that the product might have on the drinker's own body.

You might have noticed that the rectangular pouch pictures a person's stomach, complete with a belly button above a pair of elastic green underpants. When it's full, the sachet bulges at the base to produce the aesthetic effect of a bloated abdomen. Once someone begins to suck the beverage from Kang Kyung-Ho's Mate Tea packaging, the puffed up profile shrinks in to form a flat tummy, producing a very fitting before and after demonstration for the consumer.