Magneto Toys Act as Therapeutic Distractions While Experiencing Low Mood

 - Feb 6, 2015
References: & yankodesign
One might find it very useful to arrange these Magnetic Stress Relievers on his desk for emergency situations. Anytime that the tension rises and pressure sets in, they offer an alternative way to help you chill out. When going for a heated walk, punching a wall or screaming at your coworker don't seem like the smartest options, just pick up these bullet-shaped items and fidget with them in your hand.

Alexey Chugunnikov's Magneto comprises four small cylindrical pieces with ends of opposite charges. This enables you to link them together into a long segment, or to stack them into a row or a pyramid so that they stick. Use just one hand to maneuver these silvery Magnetic Stress Relievers and you'll find your aggravated state of mind will be effectively focused elsewhere and diffused.