The Cable Sock Keeps Unwieldy Wires from Forming Webs About Your Workspace

 - Mar 14, 2014
Until more electronics are designed to be cordless, products like the Cable Sock will prove helpful to deal with inevitable workstation entanglements. A few sleek and modern solutions have been developed to control cable clutter; however, this low-tech creation proves just as -- if not, more -- practical.

Jonathan Prestwich crochets small, medium and large sizes of Cable Sock that accommodate table legs of various thicknesses. The knitted material is inherently stretchy as well, making it easy for you to dress up your desk and feed power plugs through it once it's in place.

What this traditionally inspired office accessory has that more contemporary cable management products don't is plenty of character. The Arco Cable Sock comes in a variety of colors and patterns to emphasize or soften its presence and helpful role.