Weighted Stress Balls Refocus Rage to Some Basic Desktop Play

 - Feb 6, 2015
References: yankodesign
These weighted stress balls have been made with the understanding that you often need more than something to squeeze. When you're feeling pent up anger or pressure from your surroundings, crack out an object that will engage you more than a flour-filled balloon.

Maxim Ginsburg has developed these Desk Spheres, each designed with wide grooves that and an internal weight that can cause it to roll inconsistently. Place it on your work surface and roll it around under your palm, navigating all of those headache-inducing duties to rise above a bad mood. A thick layer of squishy material in black, red or white is what makes up the outside of this weighted stress ball, inviting you to grip it comfortably in your fist if you really feel that a clench would be therapeutic.