The Dreaming Whale Tea Capsule Spouts Beautiful Brewed Flavors

 - Mar 7, 2014
References: gongdreen & yankodesign
If tea time is break time, why not have a bit of fun with it? This Dreaming Whale Tea Infuser brings a playful spirit to sipping your favorite herbal medley, containing messy loose leaf and diffusing the flavors gently throughout your mug. Designed by Changbong Heo and Juhyun Yu of Gongdreen, this beverage brewer is functional and fetching.

Food-grade silicone and PVC material go into the manufacturing of an item that takes the 3D form of a cartoony whale. The bulbous body of the creature holds the aromatic bits of leaves, bark and flowers that can be deposited and later removed through the little hinged jaw of the Dreaming Whale Tea Infuser. An adorable spout-mimicking stick helps you to retrieve the item from the hot water and doubles as a stirrer.