Ulysse Nardin's Black and Gold Wristwatch Keeps Calendars on Track

The gorgeous black and gold 'Black Toro' from Ulysse Nardin is a timepiece that is loaded with numbers. Perpetual timepieces have been around for centuries, but Ulysse Nardin is known for his contributions to modern time-telling. The Black Toro is the most accurate and advanced perpetual time teller Ulysse Nardin has introduced to date and it's probably one of the most stylish too.

The striking watch features 18-karat rose gold accents and a ceramic bezel. Although it might seem like its watch face is overloaded with numbers, symbols and dials, it's an incredibly user-friendly watch. The analog watch hardly requires any upkeep, since it is designed to be capable of self-winding so that it doesn't ever need to be sent to the manufacturer for re-tuning if its settings were ever off.