The Cogito Smartwatch Display Pops Up When You Get a Notification

 - Apr 2, 2014
References: cogitowatch & gizmag
Hong Kong-based company ConnecteDevice released two versions of the Cogito smartwatch—a classic dress watch and a more youthful, fun-loving design—in a bid to appeal to as wide a market as possible.

The smartwatch can be used in conjunction with an iOS or Android app via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection.

One common concern with smartwatches is that their displays might get too cluttered with information, text and icons. To combat this, the Cogito smartwatch’s digital display only becomes visible when a notification is received from a paired smartphone. Users can customize which alerts can be sent to the watch, and can even see who they are receiving calls or text messages from.

The Cogito smartwatches are powered by a replaceable button-cell battery, negating the need for a wall outlet. The battery is claimed to be good for one year of use. The smartwatch itself will retail from around $180.