The Kreyos Meteor can be Controlled Using Voice and Motion Commands

 - Jun 27, 2013
References: indiegogo & gizmag
The Kreyos Meteor smartwatch is the first timekeeper of its kind that can be controlled by both sound and movement. The Indiegogo project (it's fully funded and then some) connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth, controlling its functions using the aforementioned voice and motion commands. The smartwatch comes equipped with a microphone and speaker, allowing you to talk on the phone and dictate, emails, text messages and social media posts.

The Kreyos Meteor smartwatch features a built-in gyroscope that allows for movement-based commands. For example, you could link upward movement to answering a call and downward movement to ignoring one. The Kreyos Meteor smartwatch comes with a slew of apps designed for those who are active, and it's customizable. A lanyard, watch strap and belt clip are offered. The Kreyos Meteor will sell for $169 upon its release.