From Smartphone-Inspired Watches to Slick Smartphone Timepieces

 - Jan 12, 2014
In the constantly connected digital age, wearable smartwatches are becoming more common, and large tech corporations have to be on board if they want to stay in the competition.

While it's common to see people using their smartphones any chance they get, the concept of smartwatches has made staying connected even easier. For people who drive a lot, a smartwatch makes it possible to stay up-to-date now that messages can be accessible right on a watch. Further, if you're a bike rider or someone who's constantly on the go, you'll never have to worry about missing an important conversation.

Companies such as Samsung, Google and Apple have all released versions of this wearable technology. In addition to making consumers' lives easier to multi-task, wearable smartphones are also sleek and stylish.