The bluecircle by David Seo was Created for the World Diabetes Day

 - Nov 7, 2011
References: industrialdesignserved
In November 14th is the World Diabetes Day and the bluecircle by David Seo is a revolutionary concept that looks to help those who are battling the disease. Diabetics is a serious health matter that is currently affecting millions of Americans; and it's believed that the number of diagnoses will increase in the future. This smart wristband provides a safe and painless method of measuring the glucose levels in the body.

This cobalt band is simple, easy to wear and functional. This non-invasive, pre-diabetic monitor uses "galvanic skin response" and "heat flux technology" to "detect sweat and skin temperature." Then it gives the glucose results based on the calories burned. The information is displayed on top of the device, which additionally shows the time.

Also, the bluecircle by David Seo can be connected to computers through a USB port to keep the data organized and updated.