The Zentrom Wristband Boasts the Ability to Restore Balance

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: & designbuzz
The Zentrom Wristband is shrouded in mystery, as its developers, Lange & Lange, claim that this light polymer bracelet can restore the electric field of the human body. How it achieves this remarkable result is not described, but the concept is a compelling one.

With all of the electronic equipment that modern man employs, the inventors behind this product affirm that there are harmful consequences. It seems that their rubber wristband can remedy these.

Looking much like the popular plastic bracelets that began most noticeably with the yellow Livestrong accessories, this design packs an extra punch. In these clean computer illustrations, one can discern an iridescent hexagon on the inside of the armlets. This would be the hologram within the Zentrom Wristband which functions to correct the optimal frequency of the wearer should his be out of whack.