Find Out How Your Selfies Can Make You a Star (SPONSORED)

 - Apr 2, 2014
Ah yes, the selfie. From celebrity-stuffed pics to cringe-inducing seduction videos that ripple throughout the interwebs, selfies brings so much joy to our lives. They make us talk, they make us laugh, and occasionally, make us say to ourselves, "WTF were you thinking?"

An awesome selfie can go viral faster than you can type #StarbucksDrakeHands. They can put you front-and-center of the social media sphere, launching you into the spotlight, if only for 15 minutes. The examples in this list all made the rounds, and even got some people a share of the limelight.

But what if your selfies could make you the face of a global advertising campaign? Well, as luck would have it, Alcatel ONETOUCH is looking for three people with the best selfie-taking skills to be the faces of their new global ad campaign.

All you have to do is submit your best selfies that show-off your naughty, wild, geeky, dumb and kiddo (childish) sides. Yep, that's it. Just find some inspiration, get a bit crazy, and add a dash of creativity.

If you think you've got the skills and personality to catch the judges eyes, head over to Alcatel ONETOUCH to submit your selfies. Who knows, you may end up on a billboard in Times Square. Or some magazine's top list. Whatever.