Tumblr Blogger Wexism Captures Her Favorite Responses to Being Sober

 - Mar 24, 2014
References: marillawex.tumblr
Wexism is a Tumblr blog run by a quirky, opinionated and creative woman. Recently, she decided to approach the issue of sober party-goers (those who do not indulge in the "let’s get wasted" lifestyle) with a series of photos that feature her holding a sign emblazoned with various responses she receives when talking about sobriety.

A witty way of presenting the perspective of non-drinking party-goers, the photo series could be interesting for marketing campaigns for those who do not necessarily go out drinking every night, but still have a good time. The selfie idea of taking photos with signs associated with different special expressions also adds to the reliability of this issue.

Her facial expressions behind each board adds to the entertainment value of her rant, and her statements are fun, and unique to read. So, next time you belittle your straight-edge party friend, maybe these signs will change your mind.