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Keeping you at the forefront of what’s new, innovative, and emerging in the market, Trend Hunter’s Reviews category has everything and more about the latest trends, products and innovations.
Reaction-Based Curation Platforms
Reaction-Based Curation Platforms
Percolate Uses Twitter and RSS Feeds to Deliver the Goods
Founded on January 1, 2011 by Noah Brier and James Gross, Percolate is an online platform that curates content from Twitter and RSS feeds. The sheer amount of information that passes through a typical… MORE
Exclusive Urban Street Shoes
Exclusive Urban Street Shoes
The Nike Air Max Lux 97 Shoes are Sick Kicks
The Nike Air Max Lux 97 shoes are the most luxurious sneakers on the market. This shoe is made out of Italian leather, and only 1,695 pairs will be made. Exclusivity is the father of coolness, friends.… MORE
Scream(ing) Tributes
Scream(ing) Tributes
Janet Jackson Honors Michael With a Spectacular Performance at the 2009 VMAs
Janet Jackson's performance Sunday night at the 2009 VMA's was a moving tribute to the memory of her iconic brother Michael. The music legend wowed the crowd and elicited excited cheers from stars such… MORE
Surgical Street Fashion
Surgical Street Fashion
Face Masks Abound in Japan
Japanese Face Masks are common place in Japan, but foreigner’s obsessions with them are something entirely new. As expected, expats in Japan are drawn into many of the oddities on offer in the country,… MORE
Pregnant  Video Game Heroines
Pregnant Video Game Heroines
Fable 2 for Xbox 360
Fable 2 for Xbox 360 has some in the gaming community pointing out an entirely new concept - female heroes that can get pregnant, have children, and remain heroes. The characters in Fable 2 do not have… MORE
Value-Priced Hip Hotels
Value-Priced Hip Hotels
aloft Hotel Review: Montreal Airport
Starwood’s new aloft hotel chain has been generating buzz as one of the first value-priced hip hotel chains.  More than a year and a half ago, Trend Hunter first introduced you to the aloft concept, and… MORE
Air Drumming Competitions
Air Drumming Competitions
The "Adventures of Power"
Ari Gold's Adventures of Power starring Adrian Grenier from the hit HBO series Entourage promises to be one of the funniest films of the year. Adventures of Power is a story about a mine worker and air… MORE
Swanky Luxury Hotels
Swanky Luxury Hotels
Thompson LES NYC
After months of anticipation by global hotel snobs, the luxuriously hip Thompson LES hotel is finally ready to open in New York City. When I think hip hotel, New York City is one of the first cities that… MORE
Wall-Mounted Appliance
Brands are prioritizing compactness in products with wall-mounted designs
Trend - Companies and designers are launching various appliances that combine aesthetics and functionality with compactness. These products are intended to be efficient and convenient solutions for consumers who live in small spaces.
Workshop Question - How can your brand contribute to the comfort of consumers in urban spaces?
Design-Savvy Tablet Stands
Design-Savvy Tablet Stands
The SLiM Makes Your Tablet Look Like an iMac
The SLiM iPad stand is inspired by the sleek and modern design of the iMac. Made by Footmarker, an IT idea company, the project is now looking for funding on the popular crowdsourcing platform... MORE
30 Dazzling Ballroom Dances
30 Dazzling Ballroom Dances
A Tribute to Beginning of Dancing With the Stars 'All Stars' Season
Boasting a cast of crowd favorites from past seasons, the Dancing With the Stars ‘All Stars’ season is bound to be filled with dazzling performances. Known for its top-notch... MORE
play_circle_filled Rapid Defrosting Gadgets
Rapid Defrosting Gadgets
The Handy Thaw Kitchen Gadgets Reduces Thawing Time for All Meats
Say goodbye to unsafe, ruined and over-thawed microwave food with this new defrosting device called the Handy Thaw. It allows you to quickly thaw your frozen food by keeping it submerged under water.... MORE
Cloud Computing Mail Applications
Cloud Computing Mail Applications
Rapportive is a Gmail App Service for Mail Cloud Computing
Rapportive is a new Gmail application plug-in service that provides efficient and reliable mail cloud computing in the digital age. This application has the ability to display everything about your... MORE
Vibrant Multifunctional Cutlery
Vibrant Multifunctional Cutlery
The Knife Fork Spoon is a Functional and Fun Way to Handle Food
Knife fork and spoon is a new outdoor cutlery set designed by John-Paul Grogan from the UK. Offering a functional take on lightweight on-the-go cutlery, this colourful set weighs it at just 25 grams... MORE
Cover Art Reviews
Cover Art Reviews
Coverjunkie Offers Daily Reviews of the Most Inspiring Magazine Covers
Magazine covers are an inspiration for Jaap Biemans, a Dutch art director and cover designer who runs the blog Coverjunkie. The site displays daily the most inspiring magazine covers from all around… MORE
Hot Pink Menswear
Hot Pink Menswear
Matthew Williamson Goes Bold for Spring/Summer 2010
Less than one year since opening his flagship designer store in New York, eminent fashion designer Matthew Williamson is set to launch his first signature Spring/Summer menswear line this February at London… MORE
Manly Man Books
Manly Man Books
'The Alphabet of Manliness' Isn't a Read for Sissies
'A' is for ass kicking. 'B' is for boner. 'C' is for copping a feel. This is just the beginning of 'The Alphabet of Manliness.' As a real “manly man” though, you’d already know that. However, if you’re… MORE
Caffeine Chips (REVIEW)
Caffeine Chips (REVIEW)
Engobi Energy Go Bites
Engobi Energy Chips intrigued me from the first time I heard the caffeinated snacks existed. Consumed by curiosity, I knew I had to try them, and both flavors, as soon as possible. I wasn't sure if early… MORE
Double Sided Toothbrush
Double Sided Toothbrush
More Efficient Oral Hygiene
There is now a double-sided toothbrush for those compulsive about their oral hygiene. One look at this nifty little idea provoked several questions in my mind, as the rat kept running faster on his treadmill.… MORE
Desk Towers
Desk Towers
Space Saving Stationery Post
This sturdy and functional product, sold by the MoMa Store in New York City, sells for $45-$50 USD. The Desk Tower is a three-tiered pyramid-shaped unit, designed to store typical office supplies such… MORE
Billboard Hotels (REVIEW)
Billboard Hotels (REVIEW)
Etienne Boulanger Pod Hotel in Berlin
When I wrote about the now closed Berlin one-room billboard hotel in December 2007, I considered it more of an art project or experiment than a place people would actually sleep. In March 2008, however,… MORE
Windows 7 Demo
Windows 7 Demo
Gates Reveals Multi-Touch OS Integration
Forget about traditional computing and PC interface, Microsoft is taking the excitement of the Surface and iPhone multi-touch and integrating it with their next operating system. Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer… MORE
Giant Swiss Army Knives
Giant Swiss Army Knives
10-in-1 Garden Tool
The 10-in-1 Garden Tool design appears strangely to an oversized Victorionox Swiss Army Kinfe with different components. As a multi-functional unit, this tool can make for cost and storage efficiency,… MORE
Pod Hotel (Review)
Pod Hotel (Review)
Citizen M Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
I announced the Citizen M Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, a new pod hotel concept in September last year. With a bunch of journalists and fellow bloggers, I was invited to their launch party on Tuesday June… MORE
Cult TV Spin-Offs
Cult TV Spin-Offs
New 90210 Promo
The CW has leaked a promotional video of the new 90210 spin-off TV series. The 1990’s super popular, long-running, prime time drama dealt with the experiences of a group of young people in Beverly Hills,… MORE