Face Masks Abound in Japan

 - Feb 2, 2009
References: mechakucha.info
Japanese Face Masks are common place in Japan, but foreigner’s obsessions with them are something entirely new.

As expected, expats in Japan are drawn into many of the oddities on offer in the country, but now evidence is emerging that the humble "Japanese Face Mask" (worn when you are sick) is joining a list of trends originating from Japan.

Japan, as we all know, has long been home to popular trends and highly unusual items that have become popularized around the world including karaoke, sushi bars, capsule hotels and kimonos.

Right now it is too early to tell whether the fascination with the Japanese Face Masks is going to be functional or fashionable. Then again, it could well turn out to be both. One thing's for sure, it's bizarre.