The LG Touch 10 Monitor Sits at the Axis Where Tablets & PCs Collide

 - Apr 17, 2013
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The worlds of computers and smartphones continue to collide with the release of LG’s Touch 10 IPS LED Monitor. Featuring a highly responsive touchscreen system, this LG monitor allows you to navigate your home computer with the touch of your fingers as if it were a tablet. The result is a truly dynamic tablet-like experience delivered on a desktop monitor.

The monitor’s 23-inch screen makes for a wonderfully spacious workspace, and allows users to view multiple documents at once. The LED backlighting combined with an IPS panel and full HD resolution provides a vibrant visual experience that will change the way you think about your personal computer.

With the finger-friendly 10-point touchscreen system and an adapter for wall mounting, you can drop your mouse and get hands-on in a way never seen before in the home or office. Also great for simple gaming like Angry Birds, Guitar Hero and Garage Band, the LG Touch 10 sits at the axis of home computers and tablets, giving users a head start on the home computer experience of the future.