- Jan 16, 2013
Tablets have undeniably become an indispensable aspect in people's everyday lives; the variety of tablet stands addressing different life circumstances and settings are the perfect demonstration of this phenomenon.

iPads and other tablets are sometimes concurrently and increasingly used as substitutes for main electronics such as TVs and laptops as well as even books! Humans' innate desire for organization and unity aids the developments of these all-in-one gadgets.

"The wish to impose order upon confusion, to bring harmony out of dissonance and unity out of multiplicity is a kind of intellectual instinct, a primary and fundamental urge of the mind" says Aldous Huxley. As humans, we are close to creating the ultimate unity in our electronics. The variety of stands created for them are what make these everyday items conveniently everyday usable.

From Toddler Tablet Toilets to Choppable Tablet Holders: