Twist and Turn the Twist360 iPad Case for Your Viewing Pleasure

 - Mar 11, 2011
References: bracketron & gadgetsin
The Twist360 iPad Case is a multifunctional cover that has a gripping design.

A TwistGrip is found on the back, which is a protruding circular piece to hold on to like a handle. It can twists and turn into different viewing modes like landscape or portrait. Unlike other stand-integrated iPad cases, this one allows you to hang the tablet on the wall. A ring dangles from the GripTwist handle so you can suspend it up wherever you'd like. It's a great feature for when your hands get too tired from holding it.

The Twist360 iPad Case is made of a durable outer shell to protect the gadget from bumps and scratches. Hang it up on the wall like the piece of art that it is.