The Levo Kindle and iPad Stand Gives Your Arms a Rest

 - Apr 11, 2011
References: amazon & 7gadgets
Reading in bed can make your arms uncomfortable, and the Levo Kindle and iPad Stand ensures that you won't end up with your tablet hitting your face the moment you lose consciousness.

Looking like a sheet music stand, this contraption could easily be used for that purpose as well. The difference in its design is that it's connected to a mounting shaft and arm from the side, making it the perfect arrangement for a bedside setup. The electronic reader holder can thus be moved about, pushed around and angled for optimal positioning so that your only necessary interaction will be turning the page -- unless your gadget does that for you.

The Levo Kindle and iPad Stand is complete with elastic supports that keep your device strapped in place, and even books can be fixed this way, making it quite versatile.