- Feb 23, 2013
With the popularity of mobile devices continuing to surge through mainstream society, cellphone accessories are becoming a big part of that market, and these quirky smartphone stands are a creative way to have some fun with your cellular devices.

Smartphone stands are not only a great way to keep your devices in a secure place, but they often act as a practical charging device for your phone. These unusual accessories are a great way to add some personal touches to something that you normally use on an everyday basis. From docks that are shaped like your favorite gaming characters to those that resemble miniature furniture pieces, these eye-catching and utterly adorable smartphone stands will definitely set you apart from others.

With cellular devices playing such a large part in our lives, why not go that extra mile and deck it out in the coolest and eclectic accessories around?

From All-Natural Droid Docks to Snacking Smartphone Stands: