Barnacle by Monocomplex is a Conveniently Clingy Mobile Companion

 - Feb 13, 2012
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There is a simple, affordable and effective solution to sticking your smartphone to the windshield of your car, and it doesn't even involve duct tape! For less than five dollars, you can get a handy Barnacle by Monocomplex that features a two-sided suction cup.

The theory is pretty elementary but the execution goes beyond to become quite visually appealing. A single piece of molded material composes two concave grips in a nice shiny plastic, treated to one of six vibrant colors. In addition to reliably performing their task, they please the eyes with their playful appearances.

Functionally, the Barnacle by Monocomplex proves very useful with its ability to be adhered to a variety of different surfaces. The angled iPhone stand can prop your handset up on a desk or a table and effectively orient the touchscreen towards the driver when affixed to a dashboard or window.