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Bringing you the highest ranked and top articles from the Trend Hunter site, this Generated category automatically compiles the best performing trends and content from around the globe.
Top 30 Interactive Marketing Trends in August
Top 30 Interactive Marketing Trends in August
From Phone-Smashing Pop-Ups to Inclusive Reading Ads
These August 2018 Interactive marketing trends range from phone-smashing pop-ups to inclusive reading ads. Standouts to note include fashion label /Nyden’s crowd-sourced dress designs that are... MORE
Top 85 Life-Stages Innovations in August
Top 85 Life-Stages Innovations in August
From Balanced Baby Meals to Parental Payment Services
These August 2018 life stages innovations range from balanced baby meals to parental payment services like MDacne’s AskToPay e-commerce feature which supports online shopping by teens while... MORE
Top 100 Home Trends in August
Top 100 Home Trends in August
From AI Trashcan Concepts to Streamlined Renovation Projects
These August 2018 home trends range from AI trashcan accessories to streamlined renovation projects that embrace a minimalist design approach. While smart home products have been around for some time,... MORE
Top 100 Design Trends in August
Top 100 Design Trends in August
From Functional Bike Gear Bags to Humorously Punny Phone Cases
The August 2018 design trends extend themselves to the arrangement of furniture, the hybridization of products, the stealth of successful marketing campaigns and more. However, the category also... MORE
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in August
Top 100 Art & Design Trends in August
From Portable Pop-Up Tents to Illuminated Pool Floats
The August 2018 Art & Design ideas are always exciting to look at because they include an unbelievable level of creativity, entrepreneurial initative and functional aesthetic. Moreover, a great... MORE
Top 100 Business Trends in August
Top 100 Business Trends in August
From Luxurious Music Box Designs to Non-Chocolate Chocolate Bars
The August 2018 business trends is an eclectic list, which includes the innovation tactics, marketing strategies and practices that highlight the company, making it progressive and unique. For this... MORE
Top 100 Tech Trends in August
Top 100 Tech Trends in August
From Adaptable Foldable Phone Devices to Inflatable Printed Decor
These August 2018 tech trends represent the latest innovations from the industry. Some of the products are dedicated to advancing our health system with cutting-edge technology. An example of that... MORE
Top 60 Sports Trends in August
Top 60 Sports Trends in August
From Practice-Guiding Yoga Mats to Aquatic Ball Games
The August 2018 sports trends spread themselves across a wide range of athletic gear, apparel, technology and more. The overall objective of these progressive products and services is to enable a... MORE
Seltzer Infusion
Popular seltzer flavours are being explored in the food category
Trend - The immense popularity of seltzers is expanding to the larger culinary category as many brands are launching various foods that are either inspired by the flavors of the low-alcohol drink or are directly infused with them.
Workshop Question - Conceptualize a novelty hybrid in the food/beverage category.
Top 90 Auto Trends in August
Top 90 Auto Trends in August
From Autonomous Shared Taxis to Parking Spot-Booking Platforms
These August 2018 auto trends range from autonomous shared taxi services to parking spot-booking platforms. A notable standout—the ‘Tauro’ concept car—is described as a... MORE
Top 100 Eco Trends in August
Top 100 Eco Trends in August
From Haunting Ecological Campaigns to Smart Bus Info Boards
The August 2018 eco trends paint a picture of the dedication of businesses, organizations and individuals toward an ecologically sustainable tomorrow. The push toward biodegradable materials and... MORE
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in February
Top 25 Kitchen Ideas in February
From Juicer-Blender Hybrids to Diet-Conscious Wrap Makers
Though grabbing food on the go is more convenient than ever before, the February 2020 kitchen trends reveal that consumers are increasingly looking for ways to replicate their favorite foods at home.... MORE
Top 40 Menswear Trends in August
Top 40 Menswear Trends in August
From Eclectic Fall Menswear to Embroidery-Heavy Menswear
The August 2018 menswear trends draw cultural influences from all around the world, ranging from electric pieces to embroidery-heavy apparel. Japanese fashion label MAGIC STICK’s ‘... MORE
Top 100 Architecture Trends in August
Top 100 Architecture Trends in August
From Chromatic Neon Hotels to Dualistic Housing Concepts
These August 2018 architecture trends range from chromatic neon hotels to dualistic housing concepts. Standouts include architecture firm Snark’s unique residence that is built with Japan’... MORE
Top 40 Social Good Trends in August
Top 40 Social Good Trends in August
From Inclusive Celebratory Donuts to Low Cost Rehab Homes
These August 2018 social good trends range from inclusive celebratory donuts to low cost rehab homes. While examples like Process Architecture’s latest initiative—an inclusive... MORE
Top 85 Modern Trends in August
Top 85 Modern Trends in August
From Rainforest Tree Hotels to Marble-Imitating Foam Blocks
When one talks about the August 2018 modern developments in art and design, a further determination is required due to the movement’s vast scope. From the contemporary approach to home... MORE
Top 50 Luxury Fashion Ideas in August
Top 50 Luxury Fashion Ideas in August
From Eclectic Menswear Runways to Charitable Celebrity Lines
These August 2018 luxury fashion ideas incorporate everything from seasonal designer label collections and diamond-encrusted rapper chains, to painted artist apparel and creatively upcycled jewelry.... MORE
Top 100 Drinking Trends in August
Top 100 Drinking Trends in August
From Refreshing Milk-Based Beverage Pop-Ups to Beer Deal Apps
The August 2018 drinking trends are in and the selection offers a ton of innovation surrounding alcoholic and non-alcoholic products, as well as a few instances of good interior design and... MORE
Top 100 Marketing Trends in August
Top 100 Marketing Trends in August
From Humorous Miniature Patio Sets to 12-Pound Gummy Sneakers
In the midst of Back-to-School season, the August 2018 marketing trends are heavily skewed in the direction of returning students. While Amazon is offering an inclusive catalog of all the supplies... MORE
Top 90 Luxury Trends in August
Top 90 Luxury Trends in August
From Ethereal Marble Bar Designs to Elaborate Music Box Designs
Extreme opulence is extended to many products, services, accommodations, and automotives in the August 2018 luxury trends. Although many of these ideas are intended for consumers with plenty of... MORE
Top 100 Branding Ideas in August
Top 100 Branding Ideas in August
From Coffee Chain Beers to Designer Label Bucket Hats
The August 2018 branding ideas show how creatively repositioning a product or label can help to reignite excitement among consumers, who are eager to try out new concepts that appeal to different... MORE
Top 75 Mobile Trends in August
Top 75 Mobile Trends in August
From Digital Asset Management Bots to Bartender Chat Tools
The August 2018 mobile trends cover a wide range of phone accessories, apps, services and more that aim to streamline processes for consumers, or enhance their overall experience in one way or... MORE
Top 35 Gaming Trends in August
Top 35 Gaming Trends in August
From Biometric Horror Games to AI-Powered Chess Boards
The top August 2018 gaming ideas offer a look into gaming experiences of the future, which emphasize tactile components and prioritize a high level of customization for players. To take the horror... MORE
Top 100 Cosmetics Trends in August
Top 100 Cosmetics Trends in August
From Beach-Ready Makeup Kits to Exfoliating Skincare Potions
These August 2018 cosmetics trends cover a variety of new launches from both major and independent makeup labels. In addition to the many makeup products to make the selection are a vast range of... MORE
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in August
Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in August
From Healing Herb Kits to Empowering Breastfeeding Models
The August 2018 lifestyle trends boast ideas surrounding health-enhancement, cuisine innovations, and even romance. From Reformation’s sustainable summer bridal collections to back pain relief... MORE