This Platform Offers Private Banking Experience for Ordinary Investors

 - Oct 5, 2015
References: hedgeable
'Hedgeable' is an asset management app that offers private banking experience for the ordinary investor. During the financial crisis, many investors lost a significant portion of their net-worth while the ultra-wealthy came out unscathed. The reason behind this disparity was access to better investing solutions.

Hedgeable aims to democratize private banking by providing ordinary investors with access to a private banking experience. The app is designed to help ordinary investors protect themselves against catastrophic losses that hinder long-term portfolio growth. Instead of relying on complex instruments and risky techniques, Hedgeable makes sophisticated investing simple and accessible for the average investor. The goal of the company is to reshape the investing landscape by giving regular people access to high-quality products.

Hedgeable is ideal for busy professionals who are interested in building a high net-worth portfolio.