This App Facilitates Free Stock Trading Using Real-Time Market Data

 - Oct 5, 2015
References: robinhood
'Robinhood' is a mobile platform that facilitates free stock trading based on real-time market data. For the most part, brokerage services are extremely expensive due to the price of manual account management and operational storefront costs. In contrast, Robinhood uses technology-driven brokerage to make stock trading more affordable for the average consumer.

The basic premise behind the app is that technology-driven brokerage is less expensive and more accessible than going through a financial institution. One of the major benefits to trading stocks through the app is fast execution. Robinhood uses a low-latency trading system to ensure that its customers receive the best possible trade execution. The other benefit to using Robinhood is the advantage of real-time market data. While some brokerages may delay quotes by up to 20 minutes, Robinhood facilitates exchanges in real-time. The app even provides customized notifications, which help consumers stay on top of their trades.

Robinhood thus provides a simple and inexpensive way for consumers to trade stocks from their mobile devices.