This Campaign Encourages People to Start Saving for Retirement Early On

'Prudential' is running a new campaign that encourages consumers to start saving for retirement early on. While most of us know that we should be saving for retirement, few of us take active steps towards putting money aside. This new campaign aims to make saving for retirement a more important and achievable goal.

As part of its new campaign, Prudential teamed up with the agency 'Droga5.' The new initiative is called 'Race For Retirement' and it involves each participant signing a pledge to save just one percent of their annual earnings for their retirement. In turn, the idea of a 401K is turned into a 4.01 kilometer fun run. As participants race through the course, they are forced to pass through signs that let them declare how financially secure they feel at the moment. As of right now, over 17,000 people have taken the pledge to start saving for retirement.

Instead of guilt-tripping consumes or relying on scare tactics, the new campaign makes saving for retirement seem achievable.