This 'Thrift Shop' Cover is Sung by an Undead Elmo and Teddy Ruxpin

 - Oct 24, 2013
References: gizmodo
This ‘Thrift Shop’ cover is a hilarious creation by YouTube user ‘BD594,’ who put together a robotic band from scavenged second-hand finds, which fits perfectly with the theme of the song.

Stuffed animals that talk can be creepy enough, especially when they are not undead ones. But this cover takes an Elmo and a Teddy Ruxpin purchased from Good Will and Value Village stores and turns them into zombie rappers with moving arms and glowing eyes. It sounds creepy, but the result is a hilarious Thrift Shop cover that is actually quite good.

Since people will be shopping for Halloween costumes at thrift stores, this strange zombie toy and hip hop mashup of the popular Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song is oddly perfect for this time of year.