Jason Briggs' Art is Full of Fleshy Forms and Abstract Bondage

 - Jun 19, 2015
References: jasonbriggs & beautifuldecay
The work of Jason Briggs is sexually charged. Although the forms are completely amorphous, it's undeniable that they depict fleshy interactions that are sensual in nature. It's as though Jason Briggs is artistically interpreting the sexual acts of bondage with his disturbing sculptures.

What makes Jason Briggs' sculpture very impressive, however, is his use of porcelain. The realistic details of each piece lends people to believe they were made out of something much more malleable and soft to the touch. Beautiful Decay writes, "In his statement, he discusses the obvious but also explains that his interest is in the desire itself more than the fulfillment of it. This might also explain the enlarged forms which make up the work." Yet he expresses that they appear larger than life in the mind.