The Inconscience Unconsciousness Series Centers on Sleepers Around the World

 - May 25, 2011
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There are quite a few common denominators between different countries, cultures, cities and more; the Inconscience Unconsciousness photo series demonstrates one of them. Everyone needs to rest and recuperate, and this collection of images shows sleepers from around the world doing what they do best: taking that power nap.

Shot by Reunion Island-based photographer Romain Philippon, the Inconscience Unconsciousness photo series brings the world a little closer together through this shared experience. I love how Philippon decided to capture the more spontaneous nappers during the day rather than typical sleepers at night.

The Inconscience Unconsciousness photo series also shows Romain Philippon with the human being condition and the world globalization at different scales. An exotic and eye-opening photoshoot, it is playfully lighthearted and colorful as well.Photo Credits:,