Jack Long Creates imagery of Splashes Perfectly Timed

 - Jan 30, 2013
References: jacklongphotorbonmade & cuded
Jack Long creates lovely splash imagery using perfectly timed photos.

The result of a high-speed camera, good timing, messy splashes and likely a lot of takes create wonderful works of art. The photo series by Long almost look as though each subject is sculpted of glass and truly represents what he means to display.

The colorful splashes create pieces that appear to be jellyfish, flowers and anything your imagination can come up with. Jack titles each work to give the viewer an idea of what he was trying to portray.

Jack Long has been featured on Trend Hunter before with two different sets that included atomic coffee mugs and flower-like shapes. The flower compilation displays just how targeted he can be with his splashing techniques, whereas this current mix of perfectly timed photos can be interpreted as random accidents.