The ENTWURFREICH Apollo System Enlightens Every Incision

 - Jul 3, 2012
References: entwurfreich & tuvie
The ENTWURFREICH Apollo innovation in surgical illumination is a piece of equipment that may not directly affect your vulnerable body on the operating table, but it certainly has an impact on the outcome of your procedure. Trusting your surgeon's steady hands and the tools that she uses is one thing, but all of her actions are undertaken beneath the bright rays of theater light fixtures.

Improved beyond the LED technology of ten years ago, this laser lighting system boasts higher intensity and engineered direction. It offers almost twice the lumen/watt output as the previous solution and its laser diodes have a lifespan of up to 90,000 hours. The arrangement of the quadrilateral casings and reflectors on the ENTWURFREICH Apollo can cast shadow-free beams of customizable strengths.