The Orri Henrisson Edouard Cream Cropped Duffle Jacket

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, menswear Orri Henrisson presents this cream cropped duffle coat that is a cross between a duffle and pea coat. Designer Henry Ng has a penchant for re-interpreting classic garments and giving them a new life by mixing fabrics, adding quirky details, changing lines etc.

Made from mercerised cotton, this is a medium weight jacket that is suited for the cooler days that be layered or worn on its own. It is lined with taffeta with a contrast check upper back. With this cream cropped duffle jacket, black leather patches have been added to give the cream body an almost "beetle" like details. There is also a cut out yoke on the back body, giving this jacket a modern and architectural update. Wear it buttoned up or open and be the envy of your friends courtesy of Orri Henrisson.