This Coffee is Designed to Slow Release Caffeine

 - Dec 9, 2015
References: scotsman & munchies.vice
Nestlé just announced that it has developed a new coffee-making technique that makes it possible to slow release caffeine. While coffee is a great way to power through a busy morning, most people face the inevitable crash that leaves them feeling slow and sluggish by mid-afternoon. Now Nestlé has come up with a way to avoid the dramatic highs and lows that come from drinking coffee.

The company developed the coffee after working extensively with researchers at the Nestlé Research Centre in Switzerland and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and University ETH Zurich. Together the scientists were able to come up with a new technique for brewing coffee that makes it possible to slow release caffeine. As a result, coffee drinkers would be able to avoid the initial high that comes from ingesting caffeine, as well as the inevitable crash that follows. In short, this means that one cup of coffee would be enough to keep consumers alert all day long.

While the new coffee is not yet available for sale, Nestlé is doing extensive research to determine future product potential.